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What is Ketamine?

Ketamine is a transformational medicine of the mind. It can rapidly —often within an hour or two— lift the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other conditions.


A trusted and widely-used medicine

Ketamine was approved by the FDA in 1970 as an anesthetic and analgesic, and has been listed on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines since 1985. Ketamine is also prescribed off-label to treat a wide range of mental health issues.

A new way to being your best self

Ketamine has shown promising results in the treatment of major depressive disorder, particularly in individuals who have not responded to traditional antidepressant medications. Ketamine works differently from traditional antidepressants and can provide rapid relief from depressive symptoms.


How does it work?

Ketamine acts on the brain to provide relief from anxiety and depression.


A Promising Treatment
for Mental Health

Known for its anesthetic effects and therapeutic potential, ketamine is increasingly being used as a treatment for anxiety and depression. At lower doses, ketamine can disrupt negative feelings and preoccupations and help the brain create new, healthier patterns.


A Powerful Medicine

With its ability to promote the creation of new, healthy neural connections, ketamine can be a powerful tool for managing mental health. For many people, the effects of ketamine therapy can last for months, with intermittent “boosters” extending the effects even further.


Reduce Negative Thoughts

Ketamine can also offer relief from negative thoughts by normalizing activity in a part of the brain known as the default mode network. By altering connectivity in this part of the brain, ketamine can help people to break out of old thought patterns that cause anxiety and depression.

Gentle onset

While intravenous and intramuscular administration methods can be abrupt, PsychMD provides tablets that are dissolved under the tongue and gently take effect over 10-15 minutes.


Ketamine research

Clinical research continues to demonstrate that ketamine can be used to treat mental health conditions and their symptoms successfully.

What our customers say

“I am grateful for the compassionate support and expertise provided by the PsychMD team throughout this transformative journey. Their knowledge, guidance, and personalized approach have been instrumental in maximizing the benefits of ketamine therapy for my specific needs.”

Kevin Perry, Chicago, IL

“Under the guidance of the PsychMD professionals, ketamine therapy has allowed me to delve into a unique and transformative journey within myself. The psychedelic properties of ketamine have opened doors to new perspectives and deep introspection, providing me with invaluable insights that traditional therapy alone couldn't have achieved.”

Jennifer Lee, San Antonio, TX

“Ketamine, offered by PsychMD, has been a truly life-changing experience for me. As a fast-acting psychedelic medicine, it has provided me with an opportunity to explore an altered state of consciousness that has profoundly impacted my life. The insights gained during my ketamine therapy sessions have been instrumental in bringing about positive changes in my daily life.”

Christian Wordlow, Los Angeles, CA

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